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Experts in sourcing, supply chain management and value engineering. Our unique mix of component knowledge, experience and software tools provides customers with the advantages needed  to succeed in today’s global and  competitive marketplace. Let AMID augment your product design by lowering costs, improving quality and reliability so you are ready to go to the production floor. AMID’s worldwide partnerships  with leading manufacturers and suppliers provide the leverage all  companies need to achieve the targeted goals of becoming the next market leader!

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Commodity management


Component Engineering

Analyzing the data

Custom Tableau Design

Our main target is design to cost and production readiness. Our vision of commodity management  is not just about cost and contracts. We are involved in the  very beginning of the design stage to prevent components problems in the future.

A few keys to right components decision.

  • Cost

  • Multi source

  • Lead time

  • Direct connection to the manufacturer

  • Service and design support

  • Common updated footprint

  • Life cycle and risk review

A clear and user friendly  components data base is a basic element for easy manageable BOM. Let AMID build a components data base for you:

  • Data base creation and management

  • Structured description and component's  properties setup.

  • AVL review and cleanup

  • BOM risk analysis

  • Sourcing development

  • Cost reverse engineering

We design clear and simple data insight and analytic focused on supply chain and procurement

  • Components analysis

  • BOM analysis

  • Company Risk modeling

  • Logistic insight and Metrics

  • Purchase Orders analysis

  • Jira and Tableau  consolidation and Jira data analysis

  • Shortages Tracker and priority tools

  • Safety Stock review tools

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