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Tired of a long lead time and High-cost components?

Need to organize your supply chain database?

Want to have a clear insight into your data? 

We Help with:

  • High Quality and lower cost Electronic Components supply.

  • Reduced lead time and cost  

  • Design your unique Tableau-based tools or dashboards for the best and simple insight into your supply chain


Save time and money and contact us:



Amid Technologies represent a list of manufacturers in different areas

  • Active Electronics

  • Discrete components

  • Passive

  • RF and Microwave 

  • Electro Mechanics and Mechanical parts

Analyzing the data

Custom Tableau Design

We design clear and simple data insight and analytics focused on supply chain and procurement

  • Components analysis

  • BOM analysis

  • Company Risk modeling

  • Logistic insight and Metrics

  • Purchase Orders analysis

  • Jira and Tableau  consolidation and Jira data analysis

  • Shortages Tracker and priority tools

  • Safety Stock review tools

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