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Google Ads for Supply Chain Data Analytics

Yesterday I searched up key words about data analytics in or for supply chain. I was a little surprised after seeing that the search volume for "data analytics for supply chain" receives just 10-100 searches a month.

How could it be?

After analyzing my last 4 workplaces, I felt how true these numbers were. Supply Chain was usually the last place to be invested in with tools like Tableau or others. Many people live in Silos, with commodity and sourcing people who have their own excel, planners who want their own excel, buyers who stack with purchase orders and do some analysis on excel when their boss asks them to. In addition, the only source of trust from shipment teams are things such as a Fedex power point. ETC.. Sounds Familiar?

There are a few reasons for this:

  1. People Love EXCEL

  2. Lack of investment in systems like PLM, Cost Management, Suppliers Management, including lack of expertise in these areas.

  3. Every Application supplier wants to keep the data to himself and drive internal analytics. This essentially means silo analytics by application.

  4. Many people see data analytics or Tableau as a better excel and don't see real value from these tools even with a lot of big words like "Data Transformation" and "Digital Supply Chain" on their roadmaps.

  5. Data people don't understand supply chain and supply chain people aren't aware of how data people can help them.

What is the Solution?

See my previous post.. take it slow and simple.

Before you run.. walk...before you walk... crawl


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