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Friday Satire -Have Fun- I had to say something about ChatGPT

One very developed country: Year 2035

Your kids are writing essays for school using ChatGPT and the teacher (OpenAI) is checking the work via Open AI and grading it by ML/AI. Students apply to college using ChatGPT and admission is done by Open AI.

Your internet provider is chosen for you by ML/AI, ChatGPT is arguing in court to cancel your speeding ticket with ChatGPT. The winner is whoever has a more upgraded version.

Books are written by ChatGPT, Music is done by ChatGPT, and paintings and designs are done by ChatGPT.You are traveling via Metaverse and your tour guide is ChatGPT.

Youtube videos are totally done by ChatGPT and show you whatever you want to see based on ML/AI analysis of your life.

You don’t need to argue with your boss… your ChatGPT is arguing with his more upgraded version of ChatGPT.

ChatGPT replaced Google as your doctor. ChatGPT is fighting with the ChatGPT of your insurance company.

Your wife was chosen by deep ML analysis based on your life data, your wedding in the Metaverse was organized by OpenAI and your vows were written by ChatGPT.

Your food is delivered based on your bank account and your blood and pee analysis is automatically analyzed by ML and you get it delivered to your home by a robot...

All for you… just sit on the couch ..don’t move and watch Netflix (courtesy of Hollywood ChatGPT)

We are doomed! Elon, take me to Mars.

Only Amish people will survive

Have a Nice Weekend (Written with no ChatGPT involved)

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